Management Teams

A representative list of the clients we have worked with includes the following:

1.    Small team of tech start-up looking to establish a recommitment to their vision for the company and improve their communication, strategic vision and accountability with one another in order to grow the company.
2.    Helping the partners of a private equity firm recognize personal strengths and reorganize the way they work together increasing both their strategic vision and their ability to execute new initiatives.
3.    Re-structuring a consulting practice to meet the changing needs of a senior partner wanting to change directions with his work while at the same time encouraging new challenges for others in the firm.
4.    Professionals wanting to restructure their practices and incorporate current values into their daily work.
5.    C level executives and professionals seeking new ways to experience purpose and re-energize their work.
6.    Conflicts between executive directors and other staff members over personalities, dealing with changes, adapting to new policies.
7.    Succession planning in family businesses as they transition from one generation to the next.
8.    Non-profit teams that have had little management and leadership training.  Refocusing them on current values, new strategic plan, assessments to help them understand how they function both internally with one another and externally with their board and the community.
9.    Board retreat for non-profit organization eager to expand and take their work to the next level and to new geographic locations.
10.    Leadership retreat for Forest Service Ranger Roundtable providing opportunity to discuss leadership challenges and personal development as a regional team.
11.    An ESOP transitioning to a new CEO with differing leadership style and the subsequent re-visioning and transition of the senior management team.