All management teams “get stuck” from time to time.  You know the signs— communication starts to deteriorate, trust starts to breakdown, apparent lack of transparency and accountability, an artificial “niceness” sets in and folks start to work more independently.  Perhaps employees start making excuses, passing the buck, or placing blame–when this occurs, what do you do?  Do you run, become defensive, get aggressive, create conflict, or just go silent?

Imagine being able to get people moving together, solution focused and geared toward hitting the necessary targets and tasks ahead.  A skilled facilitator knows when a group needs to pause and listen to one another and when to push the group forward.

Imagine a spirited conversation where everyone is encouraged to participate. Or a group that has a set of measureable goals and is steadfast in working towards those goals.  A discussion where productivity, accountability and efficiency are embraced and on-going.  Where people accept the responsibility of being accountable to each other measured by objective, negotiated criteria.

Sometimes, taking a step back is the most effective way to move forward.  A place where concerns, disagreements and conflicts can be aired in a more constructive way.  This process may require a re-visiting of the hopes and aspirations that existed at the beginning of a venture and a re-commitment to going forward.  It may require a re-setting intentions, re-examination of the corporate culture, strategy, accountability, and new criteria with which to track progress.
We have a successful track record of helping companies with these issues and moving them toward the success they want to achieve.